An existing Manifold CF output connector could not be removed

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The following error is displayed in the Search Registration screen (within the Ektron Solr Administration page):When viewing the Admin service logs , you see the following:

An existing Manifold CF output connector could not be removed.
(Code: REMOVE_OUTPUT_CONNECTOR_FAILED) Logs are available for the Ektron Solr Admin Service, which may contain additional detail

Database Exception: SQLException doing query (23504): integrity constraint violation: foreign key no action; SYS_FK_10090 table: INGESTSTATUS

This condition prevents the job or associated connectors from being deleted from ManifoldCF.

A ManifoldCF job cannot be deleted, because it is still considered "in use". This could be due to an old job state that is persisted in one of the temporary tables in HSQLDB (the database component) of ManifoldCF. 

Run the cleanup-database.bat script, which cleans up these temporary tables. To run the script:

  1. Obtain the core name from the Manifold CF screen.
    manifold CF
    • To view the Apache Manifold CF Crawler UI on the Solr server, click the Windows Start button All Programs Ektron  Ektron Solr Search 2.0 Tools  Apache Manifold CF . If you're using Windows 8 or 2012, press the Windows key ( ) /Q then enter Apache Manifold CF
    • Alternatively, you can identify the core name by going to Ektron Workarea Settings Search Status ( if release 9.0) or Configuration (if release 9.1).
  2. Log onto your Solr Search VM.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Run the following file using the command prompt, and provide the core name (obtained in Step 1) as the parameter for the script:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\ManifoldCF\core\cleanup-database.bat  
  5. Restart Java Ektron search processes using the Ektron Solr Process Manager.

If the removal continues to fail, remove the connector manually using these steps. 

  1. Log onto the Solr Server, open the ManifoldCF page (Start, All Programs, Ektron, Ektron Solr Search 1.0, Tools, Apache ManifoldCF).
  2. Select List all Jobs.
  3. Delete the jobs that pertain to the core (corenameCGroups,corenameContent,corenameUsers).
  4. SelectStatus and Job Managementthen refresh the screen until theCleaning Upoperations complete.
  5. SelectList Repository Connections.
  6. Delete the connection forcorename.
  7. SelectOutput Connections.
  8. Delete the connection forcorename.