Content Source appears to be crawling indefinitely.

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The Search Server content source associated with your CMS site appears to be crawling indefinitely.

  A crawl of your site began but is taking an inordinately long time (hours) to complete.In some cases, when Search Server has been uninstalled and then reinstalled on the same system the environment can become corrupted. This results in a crawl of your data that appears to run indefinately.

When this occurs, it is recommended that you manually remove Search Server from your system and reinstall it. 

  1. Uninstall Search Server 2010
    1. Open Control Panel > Programs and Features
    2. Uninstall "Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express"
    3. (If prompted to reboot, do so.)
  2. Unregister and remove the protocol handler:
    1. From a command prompt, navigate to: "%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32"
    2. Run: regsvr32 -u DatabaseProtocolHandler.dll
    3. Run: del DatabaseProtocolHandler.dll
  3. Delete "%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32\SiteConfiguration.xml"
  4. Uninstall the security trimmer from the GAC:
    1. Open RegEdit
    2. If the following registry key exists, delete it: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Assemblies\Global\EktronSecurityTrimmer
    3. Open a Visual Studio 2010 command console
    4. Run: gacutil /uf EktronSecurityTrimmer
  5. Delete the index databases:
    1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio
    2. Connect to the SQL Server instance hosting your Search Server databases
    3. Delete all of the databases listed below:
      1. SharePoint_Search
      2. SharePoint_Search_CrawlStore
      3. SharePoint_Search_PropertyStore
      4. SharePoint2010_Admin_Content
      5. SharePoint2010_Config
      6. WSS_Usage_Application
  6. Delete your indexes folder (The default location for this is: "%SystemDrive%:\indexes")
  7. Delete your search data directory (The default location for this is: "%SystemDrive%:\EktronSearchData")