Copy Assets to Tempfolder Before First Crawl

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This article prevents errors that may occur if

  • your Ektron CMS resides on a server that is different from the server hosting Microsoft Search Server, and
  • your CMS's assets folder exceeds 1 gigabyte (Ektron recommends inspecting the size of the CMS Assets folder before beginning the first crawl), and   
  • you have not begun a crawl of the Ektron CMS400.Net database

If all conditions are true, for optimal performance, Ektron recommends copying the CMS assets folder to the search temporary folder before beginning the crawl. Failure to do so may degrade your search server's performance and result in the errors shown below.

The following errors appear in the protocol handler logs.

Handler:Unexpected failure:
Handler:Failure: errorCode=0x8007000e
Handler:There was an error communicating with the endpoint at 'net.tcp://localhost:6080/client'.
Handler:There was an error binding the TCP socket to an address.
Handler:serviceProxy.Open failed -2147024882
Handler:Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::RetreiveAssetAndUpdatePath FileNeedsCopied = -2147216895
Handler:An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full.

Handler:Failure: errorCode=0x803d0006
Handler:There was an error receiving from the TCP socket.
Handler:The operation did not complete within the time allotted.
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::RetreiveAssetAndUpdatePath GetFileFromCMSServer = -1
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::FillContentStreamData RetreiveAssetAndUpdatePath failed please check service url = -1
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::FillStreamData failed = -1
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::VerifyIncrementalAndFillStream FillStreamData failed with code -2147216895 for URL ektron://SampleSiteDB/0/4294967308/170/2147485722/2147485732/8589935075/8589944052-2057-73a1eac4-7606-4c87-a3a3-14acba1bbe13.pdf
Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::Init Support for incremental crawls failed -2147216895

In order to index assets, Search Server copies them from the CMS server. If your assets folder is very large, the copy mechanism may get overloaded.