Library items not returning in search results

  • Updated

Library items are not showing within search results of the Ektron CMS, but DMS documents are returning without issues.

The contents of library items are not indexed, but the title of the library item is searchable. Also the  filename is not searchable. For instance an image may have the file name "blue.jpg" but if you search for blue it will not come up unless the library item's title has "blue" in it. Because library items do not have metadata associated with them, they are sub-optimal for search purposes. DMS documents are a better option for SEO.

DMS documents were developed later than library assets within the Ektron product line, and function more like content does. For more information on the difference between assets types please see the DMS vs Library: What's the difference? KB article. Bellow is also an excerpt from the documentation on key features of DMS assets.

  • can be stored in folders with other content, or in separate folders that you create just for them
  • are assigned content IDs
  • can have summary, metadata, comment, task, schedule, and taxonomy information
  • inherit permissions and workflow from their folder properties
  • progress through the workflow process (check out, check in, publish)
  • retain a history so you can restore earlier versions
  • can be searched
  • support foreign language editions
  • can have a task assigned to them
  • appear on content reports
  • update the Smart Desktop listing of files awaiting approval, checked out, to expire, and so on