Length of a LongString property makes the site down

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Timeout error and the following message appear when opening some pages:

"Array dimensions exceeded supported range."

Using SQL profiler to find that some queries takes more than 30 seconds. The actual execution time is up to 5 minutes. 

exec netContentLoadLongString @LongStringGuid='1B64UIL1-13A2-4419-A10F-D12F0B2ED4F0'

Looking into the indexes, some of them have high fragmentation (98 and 97%), but rebuilding them doesn't help. If you change the GUID value to another, it works quite fast. 

All the queries that take longer have the same property which is LongStringLength is quite high. Their values are up to 1 billion characters. 

Here is the code that causes this problem: 

foreach (ContentAreaItem contentAreaItem in (IEnumerable<ContentAreaItem>) contentArea.Items)
            IContent content2 = contentAreaItem.GetContent();
            if (content2 != null)
              IEnumerable<string> searchablePropertyValues = this.GetSearchablePropertyValues((IContentData) content2, content2.ContentTypeID);
              stringBuilder.AppendFormat(" {0}", (object) string.Join(" ", searchablePropertyValues));

They have to update the code, and edit those fields with shorter length or recreate them.