Add attribute types to search boosting

  • Updated

You can enable attribute types and their attributes to be queryable in a search.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Attribute Types.
  2. Click Add Attribute Type to create a new one or Edit for an existing attribute type.
  3. Ensure Searchable is set to Yes. If Yes, search results will be returned for matches on attribute values for this attribute type. If No, the attribute values will not be included in the search index, so they will not be searchable on the storefront. There will also not be search matches for products with attribute values that belong to this attribute type. Default value: Yes.

    For the attributes to show in the Field Boosting section, you must run the Nightly Maintenance job.

  4. Go to MarketingSearchField Boosting and set Show Non-Queryable Fields to Yes.
  5. Click Edit beside the attribute.
  6. Set Queryable to Yes.
  7. Select appropriate data type for the attribute. If you choose Text for the Data Type, select the Analyzer to be used.
    • Search for or select the Index Analyzer. Elasticsearch uses this analyzer to index this field. 
    • Search for or select the Query Analyzer. Elasticsearch uses this analyzer to search against this field. 
  8. Click Save.

You can read more information in the Elasticsearch types and index/query analyzer article.