Classic to Spire CMS conversion tool

  • Updated

To lessen your effort during migration from Classic to Spire CMS, Optimizely has implemented a way to convert basic content pages and standard widgets from Classic sites into Spire. This feature also allows customizations for partners to extend functionality and handle custom pages/widgets conversions.

The Classic CMS Import/Export Content modal contains a checkbox for In Spire Format. Select this to export content from Classic into the Spire format. You can then import the content to your Spire site. This feature only exports published content, regardless of whether you have Only Published selected or not.


Since standard system pages in Classic like My Account and product detail pages cannot be easily converted/mapped to Spire, you can select to Restore Initial Pages in the Spire Import Content modal. This recreates all standard system pages in Spire when importing Classic content.


If there are any unsupported widgets after importing Classic content into Spire CMS, a warning message displays in place of the widget.

Due to complexity, this feature does not create a matching UI in Spire but allows you to copy standard content from Classic to Spire. Also, Optimizely cannot convert custom pages/widgets in the base implementation, but you and your partner have the ability to extend it.

See Classic to Spire CMS conversion tool customizations for information on converting custom pages and widgets.