Migrate from Classic CMS to Spire CMS

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The Configured Commerce Spire CMS offers several out-of-the-box benefits, including:

  • A React-based framework
  • Improved performance with dedicated server resources, increased stability, and reduced downtime
  • Blueprints for enhanced customization and extension
  • A user-configurable style guide
  • Flexible widgets
  • Increased alignment with accessibility standards

In addition to these advantages, remember that Classic CMS will reach end of life in 2025. Contact Optimizely to get started on your migration to Spire CMS. Careful coordination will streamline the process, which is outlined in detail below.

  1. Migrate to container infrastructure
  2. Set up sandbox
  3. Set up production
  4. Migrate to Spire CMS

Migrate to container infrastructure

You must migrate to container infrastructure as a pre-requisite for rebuilding your Configured Commerce site in Spire CMS. Contact your CSM to initiate this process.

Set up sandbox

  1. Add your new Spire Blueprint to your Sandbox repository.
  2. Request a new Spire website in your Sandbox.
  3. Build your Spire CMS Take this opportunity to assess your current website design and look for ways to improve it or use the new out of the box Spire CMS functionality to simplify how you build and maintain your website. Consider how you will configure your content and commerce pages with widgets. Commerce page widgets work with existing site information, which simplifies setup. You should also consider SEO, accessibility, and overall site usability.
    • You can also work with your partner to use the Classic to Spire conversion tool. This tool allows you to export content from Classic into a Spire format that you can then import into Spire. See the Classic to Spire conversion tool article for more information.
  4. Export your CMS content from your Sandbox.

Set up production 

  1. Sync your UserFiles from Sandbox (recommended).
  2. Deploy the Blueprint to merge Sandbox changes to the Production branch.
  3. Request a new Spire website in your Production Environment.

Migrate to Spire CMS

  1. Open a ticket with Optimizely Support to schedule your migration.
  2. Enable maintenance mode on your live website.
  3. Adjust pricing and inventory service settings to real-time (or other appropriate value).
    Generic is not a valid setting for Spire CMS.
  4. Optimizely converts your live website to Spire and points to the customer/partner provided Blueprint name during your planned migration working session.
  5. Wait for your Configured Commerce containers to convert. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.
  6. Import your Spire CMS content.
    The import will appear to fail if the process takes more than one minute. Check the import job in the Admin Console for accurate details.
  7. Verify your website. If any issues are discovered, Optimizely will convert the website back to Classic CMS.
  8. Turn off maintenance mode.
  9. After migration, you have the option to request deletion of your Classic Sandbox site.