Disable Edit Mode Popups

  • Updated

We have recently seen popup messages being reported by customers when working within the CMS such as the following: PopupOffer.png


Popups like these can be shown to editors when logging in, and are part of the Telemetry feature in Optimizely Content Cloud. It reports anonymous product usage to help improve the product and can also show information about new features, security updates, events and helpful add-ons.

These popups are only shown for CMS 12 customers.

Optimizely has received feedback about the wording of some of these popups and that some users have found them confusing or less helpful. We take this feedback seriously and are looking into how to make the messaging clear, understandable, helpful and have a stronger sender identity to make it clear that the message is coming directly from Optimizely.

Opting out

If you want to opt out from all telemetry and also disable all future popups, you need to disable the telemetry feature during site startup.

Add the following to your startup.cs:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
services.Configure<EPiServer.Shell.Telemetry.TelemetryOptions>(o =>
{ o.Enabled = false; }