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You can add a user to a group from the following places. 

  • From the Users tab, click Invite User.
  • From the Groups tab, select Add user to group... from the  group's options menu (...).
  • Open a group and click Edit.

See also Groups, Roles, and Invitations.

Invite user

  1. Go to User Manager > User tab.
  2. Click Invite User. The Invite User panel displays.
  3. Enter the following:
    • First Name – Enter a first name.
    • Last Name – Enter a first name.
    • Email – Enter the user's email address.
    • Add Groups  – Select from a list of available groups to which this user should belong and click Add to add the group to the user profile. If you want to add a user to a group that does not yet exist, click Save to place the user in the Everyone group. All users are part of the Everyone group. You can later add the user to a new group after it is created.
    • OptiID-invite-user.png

  4. Click Save.

Edit user

  1. Click a name in the user list.user-1.png
  2. Click Edit in the User panel to edit the details.
  3. Click Save.

Delete user from a group

When you delete a user from a group, the group is removed from the user profile. (You may need to refresh the page to see the removal of the group.)

  1. Go to User Manager > Groups tab. A list of groups displays the name, number of users in the group, and created and modified dates.
  2. Select a group and click Edit to modify the group. 
  3. Click Delete (icon) on the Users tab next to the user that you want to remove from the group.
  4. Click Save.

Delete group from a user

When you delete a group from a user, the user is removed from the group membership.

  1. Go to User Manager > User tab.
  2. Select a user and click Edit to modify the user record. 
  3. Click Delete (icon) in the groups list next to the group that you do not want to user to be a member of. You cannot delete the Everyone group from a user's record.