Import lists, customers, or wishlist products

  • Updated

You can import lists, customers, and wishlist products in Optimizely Configured Commerce. Go to MarketingLists.


  1. Click Upload.
  2. Select whether to import ListsCustomers, or Wishlist Products.
  3. Click Download Template and format your data according to the spreadsheet.
    • Lists – Enter the list Name. You can also enter a Description if desired. Shared by is optional and displays on the storefront when customers click to see who the list was shared by. If blank, the import uses first and last name of the user who created the list if available or their username. 

      Lists imported through the Admin Console are global and shared on a Customer level. As such, website users cannot modify them.

    • Customers – Enter the wishlist that the customers are added to under List Name and the customer's ERP BillTo Number and ERP ShipTo Number.
    • Wishlist Products – You must enter the List Name, product number (Product), and the quantity of the product to be displayed in the list (Qty Ordered). You can optionally add the Unit of Measure or Sort Order.
  4. Select the Import Options:
    • Validate file before importing – If yes, the import attempts to import each record individually, record any potential errors, and then remove the record. If any errors are found, they are added to each row in a downloadable file. If no errors are found, the file is imported. Note that dependent/child records fail on a validate because the parent record does not persist during this function.
    • Ignore blank cells – If yes, blank cells are imported and do not overwrite existing data with null values.
    • Update existing records – If yes, imported records that match existing records update the existing records. If no, the system records an error for any record already existing in the database. This setting is intended to allow importation of new records only.
    • Ignore modified date – When records are exported, it includes the ID and modified timestamp. When they are re-imported with changes, the system checks to see if the record was changed subsequent to the export and, if it was, it records an error unless this setting is set to yes. If the modified date is not in the spreadsheet this setting has no impact.
  5. Click Import.