Itemized discounts and promotions

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When a customer either adds a promotional item to their cart or applies a promotion to their cart, the promotion name and any discounts appear on the Cart, Review and Pay, Order Confirmation, and Order History pages. Optimizely Configured Commerce has two kinds of promotions: line level and order level.

Line level promotion results

Line level promotion results affect individual products within the order. They display the promotion name below the product name and product number.

You should assign specific names to promotions, like 10% Off All Radios, to help the customer ensure the right promotion has been applied to their order.

Order level promotion results

Order level promotion results take a dollar amount or percentage off the entire order. The Discount Amount off Order and Discount Percent off Order results display the promotion name between the subtotal and tax amount as a negative amount.

The Discount Amount off Shipping and Discount Percent off Shipping results display the promotion name below the Shipping & Handling amount as a negative amount.