Set up and edit users

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In addition to assigning roles to website users in the Admin Console, you can add more users while using Optimizely's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) on the storefront.

Add users

  1. Go to Users.
  2. Click Add User. AddUser_VMI.png
  3. Search for and select a user.
  4. Select the VMI roles:
    • VMI_Admin – Sets up the locations, products, and any additional VMI users on the storefront. They can access the reporting, update inventory, and place orders if needed through the website.
    • VMI_User – Uses the Mobile App to update the inventory and place orders for assigned locations. This role can also access VMI pages for the location they are assigned to on the website to update product counts.
  5. Select the appropriate locations.
  6. Click Add User.

Edit users

You can add locations and roles to users later, if needed.

  1. Go to Users.
  2. Click Edit for the desired user. EditUsers_VMI.png
  3. Select a new role or select/deselect a location.
  4. Click Save.