Install snippet in the Admin Console

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To start tracking by Google Analytics (GA4) and Tag Manager (GTM), you must install the Google Tag Manager snippet on your Configured Commerce site via the Admin Console. The Google Tag Manager snippet is linked to Google Analytics and provides tracking for both GA4 and GTM.

You can find the Google Tag Manager snippet by following the below instructions:

  1. Log in to Tag Manager.
  2. Select the account and container that relates to your GA4 setup under All accounts.
  3. Find the Container ID to install the snippet in the Admin Console of Configured Commerce. The ID is available beside the Container name (i.e. GTM-####). For a custom implementation of Google Analytics without using the Admin Console, you can find the require code snippet by selecting Install Google Tag Manager

Update the Google Tracking Settings

Google Analytics requires you to configure three settings:

  • Google Tracked Domains – A list of domain names that have Google Tracking enabled for B2B Analytics. Include the fully qualified domain, which is anything between the https:// and the next /. For example,
  • Google Tracking Account ID – The GTM ID of the container you want to install.
  • Google Tracking Type – The tracker you have decided to use. Options: GoogleTagManager or Google Analytics 4

For Spire sites, be sure to add the domain name (non-url) to the GTM settings.

Follow these steps to update the settings in Configured Commerce:

  1. Go to the Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Enter google track into the Search Box to see three settings under System Settings.


  3. Click System Settings.
  4. Set the following options under Analytics:
    • Google Tracking Type – Select Google Tag Manager.
    • Google Tracked Domains – Enter the website URL as defined on the websites page for that specific site.
  5. Click Add More to add additional domains (for Spire clients to set 2 entries for tracked domains).
    • The customer-facing URL (not the integration URL)
    • The commerce “website name” (See example below)
    • The GTM Tracking ID from Google Tag Manager.


  6. Save your changes.

    GTM_Admin Console.png

See Install Google Tag Manager for information.