VMI Bins Elements

  • Updated

Add elements to the VMI Products page for features such as adding new products, importing counts, exporting products, and more.


The screenshot below is an example of how you can set the Products page to look.



Add the ability to go between pages in the product listing. This widget is not configurable.

Search Results Filter

Allow users to filter the search results. 

You can choose to include:

  • Product
  • Bin Range
  • Date Range

Click Save when done.

Search Results Table

Add a table to display search results. Although Product NamePart #Min, and Max are required, you can choose to also include:

  • Manufacturer #
  • My Part #
  • U/M
  • UPC Code
  • Bin #
  • Current QTY
  • Previous Count Date
  • Previous Count Quantity
  • Previous Order

Click Save when done.

VMI Bins Actions

Use this widget to add actions to the page, such as importing counts, reordering products, or exporting selected. This widget is not configurable.

VMI Bins Header

Add the page title and location drop-down. This widget is not configurable.