Long-term support overview

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Optimizely Configured Commerce offers an updated release structure, called Long-Term Support (LTS), with a more stable branch that accepts hotfixes over a four-month release cycle, rather than the shortened cycle for Short-Term Support (STS) releases. LTS branches do not receive any feature updates, but Configured Commerce will release hotfixes for any critical bugs. Instead, LTS branches get the features from the previous month's release.

To implement a LTS release, designate the version you want to deploy through the Versioninfo.yaml file in your GitHub repository that contains your extensions code. Add the version number of the release you want in this configuration file, and deploy that code to update your site to your desired version.

You can swap between the LTS and STS releases, as long as your version number increases when you implement a new one. You cannot downgrade your code version. For example, if you move from 5.1.2309.xxxx+LTS to 5.1.2310.xxxx+STS, you cannot go back to 5.1.2309.xxxx+LTS and must wait until the next LTS release.

Talk to your implementation partner to determine if LTS is right for you.

Release schedule

The first LTS branch was released October 19, 2023 with September as the first LTS branch. The numbering is 5.1.2310.2166+STS and 5.1.2309.6489+LTS. This LTS branch has a three-month lifespan for any hotfixes. January 2024 begins the regularly-scheduled LTS release branches with a cadence of January, May, and September.

Follow the Long-Term Support release notes article to get updates when Optimizely releases a new branch and to learn about the included features and bug fixes.