Current long-term support hotfixes

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This article contains a list of hotfixes for the current long-term support branch. Be aware that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes, so applying the latest hotfix automatically updates your environment to the current branch. 

Current Long-Term Support branch version: 5.2.2312

Date Build Description
April 4, 2024 5.2.2312.2471+lts

Fixed an issue where the Affiliated Distributors (AD) data feed refresh job got stuck in the In Progress state when scheduled to run as a recurring job through the Windows Integration Service (WIS).

April 3, 2024 5.2.2312.2468+lts

Added a Test Mode setting in the Admin Console for CenPOS to switch between test and production endpoints, letting you configure the payment URL.

April 2, 2024 5.2.2312.2463+lts
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Save button on the User Administration page resulted in an error that the email address already existed.
March 15, 2024 5.2.2312.2460+lts
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the mobile site did not load on iOS Tablet view.
  • Fixed an issue where retrieving one of the products in a loop of replacement products caused a failure.
March 11, 2024 5.2.2312.2447+lts

Reduced the amount of memory required when completing a large number of deletes.

March 1, 2024 5.2.2312.2435+lts
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the navigation menu in mobile view did not open parent pages and categories.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire mobile view where links in the main navigation with Link Type of Link displayed as a cascading menu instead of a direct link to the specified page.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where removing a promotion from a cart incorrectly removed the product from the cart.
February 14, 2024 5.2.2312.2420+lts
  • Fixed an issue with the bot viewing a paginated catalog page.
  • Fixed an issue where the rebuild sitemap job failed when submitting the sitemap to Google.
February 6, 2024 5.2.2312.2414+lts Fixed an issue where Spreedly credit card payments failed when using saved credit cards.
February 1, 2024 5.2.2312.2411+lts Fixed a server stability issue in the GetRecentlyPurchasedProducts workflow for users with extensive order history.
January 30, 2024 5.2.2312.2409+lts
  • Fixed an issue where Token2 was not returning the Spreedly gateway token in Spire.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spreedly credit card and authorization numbers displayed incorrectly in Spire.
  • Fixed an issue where the Include Real Time Inventory and Pricing on SEO Pages setting did not display in the Admin Console and was not working in the Spire storefront.
January 25, 2024 5.2.2312.2390+lts Fixed an issue where the search results in the storefront only included up to 10,000 results.