Current long-term support hotfixes

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This article contains a list of hotfixes for the current long-term support branch. Be aware that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes, so applying the latest hotfix automatically updates your environment to the current branch. 

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Current Long-Term Support branch version: 5.2.2404

Date Build Description
June 20, 2024 5.2.2404.1494+lts
  • Updated the FedEx Rating Service to use REST APIs. FedEx is deprecating their web services on August 30, but you can still use this service as normal before this date. See Create the FedEx carrier record for information.
  • Fixed an issue where the list refreshed after you cancelled the print option.
  • Increased the search rebuild query time limit to 2 hours.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire with Paymetric where payment credit card field labels and field validation messages were not translatable.
June 10, 2024 5.2.2404.1481+lts
  • Updated RetryPolicy to be opt-in with a system setting, Enable Retry On Handlers. When enabled, handler chains are retried if there is a transient error (like a deadlock or connection interruption) during a database query.
  • Split .NET Framework 4.8 and .NET 8 changes to WebIntegrationService GetIntegrationJob to improve stability.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not add a saved card for Paymetric.
  • Fixed an issue where the NetworkID was not sent for saved cards in Paymetric.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the Vertex Tax Calculator did not recalculate tax after you applied a promotion.
  • Fixed an issue when customizing the Product API v2's CanAddToCart while using the Override Product v1 setting.