Technical contact login

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The technical contact is the first user in your organization to get set up and log in to Opti ID. They then configure Opti ID for the rest of your organization, optionally set up SSO, invite users, create groups, and so on.

Initial non-SSO technical contact login

The technical contact's first login to the Admin Center requires them to create a password, activate their account using the activation email, and then log in to Opti ID using that password.

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  1. You receive an activation email from Opti ID with the subject Welcome to Optimizely!
  2. Locate the activation email in your inbox and click the activation link. If you do not see it, check your spam folder.
  3. Set up the password. 
  4. Log in to Opti ID using the password created in step 3.
  5. (Optional) Set up SSO for your organization. See the next section Use your organization's SSO with Opti ID for more information on this process.
    If you plan to set up SSO for your organization, Optimizely recommends that the technical contact set up SSO before inviting any new users to their organization.
  6. If your organization uses local passwords instead of SSO, you can now:

Use your organization's SSO with Opti ID

When users are created, they are assigned a home organization. When the technical contact has enabled SSO for their organization and they subsequently create users, all users (including the technical contact) must follow the login requirements (such as optional domain-based authentication) for the home organization and can no longer log in with their original activation password credentials.

optiid - authentication sequence.png

For more information on configuring SSO for your organization, see:

If you want to switch your organization from SSO to a local login, contact Optimizely Support.