Use Vendor Managed Inventory widgets

  • Updated

Optimizely Configured Commerce Classic CMS lets you set up Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) pages with widgets. 

Each widget has an option to add a Css Class to customize the widget or Use Default Template.



  • Vmi Below Minimum – Displays the number of products that are below the minimum quantity set by the VMI Admin(s) based on the last recorded inventory count.
  • Vmi Fast Moving – Displays the number of products that are moving quickly. This metric checks the number of times the minimum quantity has been reached in an amount of location visits.
  • Vmi Recent Notes – Displays any recent notes for locations.
  • Vmi Slow Moving – Displays how many products are not moving quickly. This metric compares the number ordered to the previous number of visits.



  • VMI Locations View – Displays the table list of locations with actions such as SearchExport, and Delete.



  • Vmi Bins View – Displays the table list of products in a location with actions such as Import CountsReorderExport, and Delete. You can use the Location drop-down list to select the location.



  • Vmi Users View – Displays search results when a VMI Admin searches for a user. This widget also shows the total number of users for a location.

When editing the widget, you can choose what to say for the No Users Found Message. The default message is No Users were found.



  • Vmi Reporting View – Displays metrics for a location's products with options to Search and Export. The widget also provides a Metric drop-down list to sort by All ProductsBelow MinimumSlow Moving, and Fast Moving.