Set the Recently Viewed widget

  • Updated

Due to the creation of the Product Carousel widget in version 4.4.4, the Recently Viewed widget has been deprecated. If this widget currently exists on a website, it will remain active, but cannot be re-added once removed.

The Recently Viewed widget allows users to go back to a previously viewed product after having navigated to another product's Product Detail page. This widget is available for display on both the Product Detail page and the Cart page. To avoid clutter and confusion, only one instance of a product will display in the widget and the number of products can be controlled. The widget offers two view types to show or hide or show the pricing and add to cart information. And the number of days that previously viewed products are displayed is also customizable. Signed-in users will see their recently viewed products show up if they sign-in on a different browser or device. Review the settings below to both enable the widget and adjust the widget behavior.

The Recently Viewed widget is not enabled by default, so step one is to enable it. After doing so, a few additional settings are displayed to customize the behavior.

Go to Admin Console > Settings > search for "Recently Viewed" and select one of the listed settings:

Setting Name Description/Value
Recently Viewed - Enabled Select Yes, for this widget to be made available on the page. Default value: No

Recently Viewed - Simplified

Hide pricing and add to cart information. Default value: Yes.

This setting was removed in version 4.4.4 and is now a part of the options within the Product Carousel widget.

Recently Viewed - Products to Display The maximum number of products that will display in the Recently Viewed widget. Default value: 8; Max value: 10.
Recently Viewed - Days to Retain Products The number of days that previously viewed products will display in the Recently Viewed widget. Default value: 30; Max value: 43
Medium Default Product Image A default product image needs to be set or each product will need to have a defined medium image in order for the product to display in the widget. See Upload and assign product images