Set up variant display options

Set up property-level variant swatching and display options on the Detail tab.


Assigned properties display as rows in the Variant Properties table in alphabetical order. Any newly assigned properties display at the bottom of the list. Use the Drag/Drop icon or enter a number in the Order column to reorder rows.

Change the display style to Dropdown, Button, Swatch Grid, Swatch Dropdown, or Swatch List. The Status column updates accordingly. 


  • Dropdown or Button – Status is Complete.
  • Swatch GridSwatch Dropdown, or Swatch List – If there are no values or the values assigned have no swatch defined, the status displays Setup required. If values assigned have a swatch defined, the status shows Complete.

Set up property value swatch options

You can set up property value level display options for any property that uses a swatch display style. You can see what variant values products use and if swatches must be set up on the Variant Swatch Setup screen.


  1. Click Setup to open the Swatch Setup screen.
  2. Adjust the number of swatches you want to display for this property on the product list page.
  3. Select whether the swatch description should show on the product detail page.
  4. Use the dropdown to Select Values to Configure

    Child product values are pre-selected and cannot be removed. The number of child products using the value displays in the Select Values dropdown.

  5. Use the Drag/drop icon or enter a number in the Order column to reorder rows.

You can set up swatches that use images to represent specific variant property values.

  1. Select Image in the Swatch dropdown to open the asset drawer.
  2. Select an image to close the drawer.
  3. Notice that the image thumbnail and asset name display beside the dropdown for the value.

You can set up swatches that use a color hexadecimal code for specific variant property values.

  1. Select Color in the Swatch dropdown. 
    1. Click the color square next to the hexadecimal color value. (If you know the hexadecimal color value, you can enter that directly.) The color picker displays.
    2. Click a spot on the color bar.
    3. Click a spot in the shaded color square.
    4. Click OK. The color square next to the hexadecimal color value changes color, as does the hexadecimal value.
  2. When all swatches are setup click Save.