Manage product variants

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Before product variant swatching can be added to your instance, your commerce connector code must be on the December 2022 version or newer. Contact your Customer Success Manager for information.

You can use Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM) to create variants for products that vary by specific properties but are merchandised together on a single product page on your website. Variant products may differ in areas like color, size or dimension. Add or import each product into PIM and create a parent product for the color options.

When PIM is integrated with Optimizely Customized Commerce, variants can only be created for products with the Variation template class type for the child and parent products. 

Go to Data Setup Variant Types to manage variants in one area. You can search for a specific variant type, or create one.

Variant products are displayed to your customers as options to select on the product detail page. This image shows the size and color selectors on the right for choosing a variant option.