Deleting and recreating the search service application

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In some cases you may find search components are not online so you must delete and recreate the search service application. Below are the steps to do that. 


For deleting a 2013 Sharepoint search service application, please see the following.

Deleting search server 2010 search service application. 

  1. Go to SharePoint Central Admin.

  2. Manage Service Application in blue under Application Management.

  3. Click on the horizontal bar for Search Service Application in blue so that it is highlighted. Do not click on the text or it will take you to a different page.

  4. Click the delete button in the top menu.

  5. You will get the below warning. Click the "delete data" checkbox and click "OK."
  6. Go back to the main sharepoint screen. 
  7. Click Configuration Wizards.2018-02-06_09_44_17-svm-zachpoint2_-_Remote_Desktop_Connection_Manager_v2.7.png
  8. Click Launch the Farm Configuration Wizard.
  9. Click Start the Wizard.
  10. On the next screen ensure the correct search user is chosen(i.e. the user used to setup search server). 
  11. Click skip on the next screen.
  12. Click Finish on the next screen.
  13. Follow the steps in the below KB to confirm the search service application is setup correctly. 
    Sharepoint service health
    If it is not, work with a Sharepoint expert(such as Microsoft support) to get the components in a healthy state.


If you have not registered an Ektron site before or need to reinstall Ektron search components and reregister:

  1. Copy EktronSearchConfiguration.exe from the CMS server to the search server.
  2. Remote onto the search server with the same user that is used to setup Search Server 2010. That user can be identified by right clicking on the Sharepoint 14 Server Search Service and locating the log on as property.
  3. Run EktronSearchConfiguration.exe on the search server. 
  4. Check the Ektron Search Server Service. It should be using the same user as Sharepoint 14 Server Search Service.
  5. Register your Ektron site