How to delete an Ektron user through the database

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Our support team generally recommends that users be adjusted through the CMS or API, but at times there may be a need to adjust a user within the database directly. Further if a user needs to be fully removed from the database and not just flagged as deleted in the appropriate tables direct database manipulation would be needed.

As always before making any direct database manipulation our support team recommends backing up the site's database before directly manipulating the database in the event that a restore is needed.

  1. Within SQL management studio expand the server the database is hosted on.
  2. Expand the desired database.
  3. Expand programmability.
  4. Expand stored procedures.
  5. Right click on the stored procedure folder.
  6. Select filter > filter settings.
  7. Within the name field enter cms_deleteuser.
  8. Click ok.
  9. Right click on the cms_deleteuser stored procedure.
  10. Click execute stored procedure.
  11. Within the @userid field enter the user id for the account that should be deleted.
  12. If the user needs to be completely removed from within the database enter a 1 into the @forcedelete field. To see more details on what the stored proc does, right click on cms_deleteuser and click modify.
  13. Click ok.

Result: A query is generated and run against the database. If the force delete field was set to 1 additional scripts are run against the database to do a more thorough removal.

In the screen capture bellow is an example of a filtered view with the stored procedure highlighted.