Personalization Services

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It can be a bit confusing to know what services fall under Personalization that Application Support handles, and which service the actual Personalization team handles.  Below is a description of each service and what they offer.  Only Episerver Perform goes to the Personalization team - that service offers customized product recommendations.  


Episerver Personalized Find (AS):

Personalized search - Optimize the customer experience with relevant search results based on visitor behavior.

Optimized rankings - Display products optimized for each visitor based on behavioral data and merchandising strategies.

Episerver Reach (AS):

Email recommendations - Ensure each email is completely personalized for each recipient every time they open a message.

Behavioral triggers - Trigger messages based on customer behavior on the website, such as product interest.

Episerver Advance (AS):

Smart content personalization - Automatically individualize landing pages, content listings and home pages to increase engagement.

Content sequencing - Offer visitors the right content at the right time based on individual behaviors and preferences. 

Episerver Perform (Personalization Team):

Product recommendations - Easily enable personalized product recommendations throughout your web or mobile site.

Personalized engagement - Create opportunities for cross-sells or upsells by analyzing and acting on real-time visitor behavior.

Episerver Insight (AS):

Persistent visitor intelligence - Compile visitor data according to profiles, journeys, personas or segments.

Actionable insights - Use behavioral data and personal details to inform marketing campaigns.