ODP integration of Criteo

  • Updated

When user tried to set up integration of Criteo in ODP portal by following https://support.optimizely.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407268543373-Integrate-Criteo they cannot see configuration panel after step 4. The solution is to follow the below steps.


1. Go to https://consent.criteo.com/;

2. Revoke the Zaius app;

3. Go back into ODP and click the 'authorize' button to start the authentication process;

4. Select your ODP account in the access request and click the 'Approve' button at the bottom in Criteo;

5. Click 'allow' on the Zaius pop-up;

6. Configuration setting shows up when you check back to ODP Criteo settings area (if it is not just navigating there automatically) .