Manage templates for campaigns

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Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) templates save the structure and the design of your content for reuse in future campaigns.

Create a template

You can save a layout as a template in the Optimizely Engagement Designer as you are working on your email, web modal, or embed. 

  1. Open Load Template, and select Save as Template.


  2. Select whether you want to Create New or Replace Existing.


    Use Replace Existing to overwrite a saved template without affecting any previously created content. For example, removing a template with an email header element and replacing it with a template without a header element will change previously created emails.


  3. Search for templates or use one of the sort filters.


Edit a template

Select Load Template in the designer to edit a template.

To edit the name of a template, hover over a template and click Edit (icon).


To edit the layout of a template, make your changes then select Save As Template to replace the current version.

Copy a template

Copy a template by loading the template and select Save As to store a copy.

Delete a template 

Select Load Template in the designer to delete a template.

Hover over a template, then click Delete (icon).