Troubleshoot Optimizely Web Experimentation

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This topic describes how to:

  • Troubleshoot experiments and campaigns in Optimizely Web Experimentation

We work hard to make Optimizely Web Experimentation delightful and seamless, but sometimes technology does not work the way you expect it to. For those less happy times, we created a few resources to empower you to troubleshoot your experiment or campaign.

The Preview tool helps you check the functionality of your experiments and campaigns, including how visual changes look for different audiences and when events fire.

Tools for QA

If things do not look right, here are a few more advanced resources to help you diagnose the issue:

  • The JavaScript API helps you verify what live experiments and campaigns are running on a page and which variation into which you are bucketed.

  • The network console helps you verify whether events in a live experiment or campaign are firing correctly. Use it to check that metrics are tracked correctly on your Results page.

  • The Optimizely Web Experimentation log helps you diagnose more difficult issues in a live experiment or campaign. It tells you whether an experiment or campaign activates on the page, whether you qualify for an audience condition, and whether changes on a page are applied.

  • You can also read more about how Optimizely Web Experimentation's cookies and localStorage uniquely identify visitors, track their actions, and deliver consistent experiences across page loads.

Common issues

Here are a few issues you may need to troubleshoot: