Troubleshoot experiments

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Common issues

Tools for testing

If things do not look right, the following resources can help you diagnose the issue:

  • Preview tool – Helps you check the functionality of your experiments and campaigns, including how visual changes look for different audiences and when events fire.
  • JavaScript API – Helps you verify what live experiments and campaigns are running on a page and which variation into which you are bucketed.
  • Network console – Helps you verify whether events in a live experiment or campaign are firing correctly. Use it to check that metrics are tracked correctly on your Results page.
  • Optimizely Web Experimentation log – Helps you diagnose more difficult issues in a live experiment or campaign. It tells you whether an experiment or campaign activates on the page, whether you qualify for an audience condition, and whether changes on a page are applied.
  • Optimizely Web Experimentation's cookies and localStorage – Uniquely identify visitors, track their actions, and deliver consistent experiences across page loads.