Component trackers in Optimizely Web Experimentation

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Component trackers in Optimizely Web Experimentation let you view experiment assets (Pages, Events, Extensions, and Audiences) used by active and paused experiments and give you an overview of your Optimizely Web Experimentation data.

Available component trackers

The following experiment assets have component trackers:

  • Pages (Implementation > Pages)
  • Events (Implementation > Events)
  • Extensions (Implementation > Extensions)
  • Audiences (Audiences > Saved)

Use the four component trackers to verify correct asset configurtion and experiment use of pages, events, extensions, and audiences. Additionally, you can identify unused experiment assets to clean up and archive.

For example, you have two similar extensions, called A and B. Using the component tracker, you notice that the majority of your experiments use extension A but not extension B. You can now migrate extension B to extension A to prevent incorrect extension use in an experiment. The same principle applies across all four component trackers.

Archived experiments and components

Archived experiments and components do not display in the Experiments column or on the Experiment Usage page. Component trackers (pages, events, extensions, and audiences) do not work for archived components.

View experiment usage

Experiment Usage shows all the experiments that use a specific component. You can go directly to any experiments and make edits.

  1. Click More Details in the row of the component.
  2. Click View Experiment Usage.