Core features

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In Optimizely Configured Commerce Analytics, you can schedule dashboards and Looks, or specific subsets of information, to be delivered to you at regular intervals. You can schedule your data to be delivered to various destinations, including email, webhooks, Amazon S3, or an SFTP site.

Create a Schedule

  1. Click the gear menu in the upper right and choose Schedule. For Looks, you can also click the Create Schedules link in the side panel of the Look.
  2. The left panel shows all schedules and highlights the title of the schedule you are creating or editing. To create a new schedule, click New+.


  3. If this is the first schedule you are creating for this content, the main panel displays scheduling options set to their default values. If you have previously created one or more schedules for this content, the main panel displays its saved scheduling settings. 
  4. Give the schedule a unique title in the Give your schedule a name field. The title will appear in the left panel after you save this schedule.
  5. Select a way to send this data. Each destination offers different data formatting and other delivery options:
    • Email
    • Amazon S3 bucket
    • SFTP server
    • Applications using a webhook
    • Integrated services
  6. Once you've selected a data destination, a new setting field appears for you to add specific details about that destination, such as an email address or a webhook URL.
  7. Choose a data format - these will vary depending on which destination you selected. Data formats available for scheduling will also differ depending on whether you are scheduling delivery of a Look or a dashboard.
  8. You have two options to trigger deliveries.
    • Repeating interval: Select this option to use the delivery schedule you set in the Timing the Schedule section.
    • Datagroup update: Not applicable at this time.
  9. Customize the timing of your schedule in the Deliver this schedule section. The timing options change depending on whether you choose DailyWeeklyMonthlyHourly, or By minute. You can adjust the time zone for the schedule in Advanced options section. If you have access to the Trigger options, the Deliver this schedule section appears when the Trigger is set to Repeating interval.
  10. If you are delivering a dashboard or Look with filters, you can filter the results delivered to each set of recipients. For example, you might send regional teams the data that is filtered for their states of interest. Click Filters to see and modify the filters associated with this Look or dashboard for your data delivery. Changing these filter options in the Send or Schedule window does not change the filters in your Look or dashboard.
  11. The Advanced options section provides additional customization for your schedule. Click the arrow next to Advanced options to expand this menu. Not all advanced options for scheduling Looks and dashboards are available for each destination. See each destination's documentation page for the options available for that destination.
  12. Click the Send Test button to send a one-time test delivery to the specified destination.
  13. When finished, click Save All.

As you go through folders, the listing for each Look and dashboard indicates if you have scheduled that content.

Create Additional Schedules

If you want to create another schedule for the same content, click New+, change the new schedule's default name if necessary, and specify its scheduling options. Your schedules are listed by title in the left panel of the schedule dialog box.

Manage Schedules

Each saved Look or dashboard can have multiple schedules, and each user of that data has their own set of schedules. If a user edits or deletes one of their schedules, only their recipients will be impacted; other users might have additional schedules related to that data.

Schedule Timing

Scheduled data deliveries run according to the schedule creator's User Specific Timezone.