Add a promotional banner for a customer segment

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Instead of creating a page variant that includes promotional content on it, where the entire page is targeted to a specific customer segment or other group based on the rules you define, you could use widgets to target specific promotions or content to customer segments.

Widgets do not directly support targeting of specific promotions or content to customer segments, but it is possible to create a widget under a specific customer segment that does not appear for other segments.

Select a customer segment

Select a customer segment, for example Authenticated Users, from the Customer Segment drop-down list.

Add a promotional banner

As an example, this article covers adding a Rich Content widget, but the same steps would work for any widget.

  1. Hover over the CMS icon and click Show CMS.
  2. Click the Show Content Tree toggle:

  3. Use the chevrons to expand the menu and select the page that will host the widget:

  4. Click the Edit button in the upper left corner to expose the page editing options:

  5. Click Content Add, which opens the Add Widget menu:

  6. Select Rich Content from the Item Type drop-down list and click Next:


  7. Add the Css Class (optional) and enter the desired content in the WYSIWYG editor:


  8. Click Save.

Remove content for other customer segments

Select the content segments who you do not want to see this widget and promotional or other content.

  1. Select a different customer segment, for example Default, from the Customer Segment drop-down list.
  2. Click the widget's Edit button.
  3. Clear the content, then type a space in the text editor. Adding the space is necessary because the WYSIWYG editor requires content in a widget's text area.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Publish, then click Publish again in the Publishing Home window to approve the changes.
  6. Test the widget shows correctly by toggling between the customer segments.
  7. Click Edit in the upper left corner to hide the page editing options when you are finished: