Classic CMS default language

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The CMS (Content Management System) Edit Mode lets you switch displayed languages and preview translated content.

Widgets that have language variants will display the language that has been selected. However, if an language variant does not exist, the widget will display the default language.

The default language is controlled in the Admin Console under Administration > Localization > Languages. See the Related topics on Multi-Languages and Translations in the Localization section.


In this example, a website has two language variants set up: English and French. On the About Us page of the site, there is a Content zone with two widgets: PageTitle and RichContent. The RichContent widget currently only has an English variant, so when English is the selected language, we see the following:

Now, if we change the displayed language to French, we will still see the same English message because there is not a French variant and English is the default language. However, in the screen shot below, notice that the widget has changed from orange to yellow and an exclamation icon is displayed to the left of the widget toolbar.

This color change and icon indicate that default language variant is being presented because there is not a French language variant available.

Finally, if we add a French language variant to the RichContent widget, and French is the displayed language, we are presented with the French variant and the color of the widget returns to orange and the exclamation icon disappears.