Set up jobs on the internal WIS

  • Updated

Use the internal Windows Integration Service (WIS) to connect to cloud-based applications like the Acumatica ERP and Optimizely PIM or to remote file storage providers like S3 and Azure. You can then use this connection to run specific jobs in Optimizely Configured Commerce. If you created a custom integration processor, it will load from your Extensions.dll file.

If you are running using Internal, the Type Names should be limited to Internal, API endpoints, or a remote file system like S3 or Azure. Other types may not work as expected.

Set up the internal connection

  1. Go to Administration > Jobs > Connections.
  2. Click Add Integration Connection.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Enter a Name for the connection. For example, Internal or PIM.
    • Select the Type Name for the connection.
    • Select the Source Server Time Zone.
    • Select Internal for the Runs On field.
    • Toggle Debugging Enabled to No for this connection.


  4. Click Save.
  5. Proceed to the Creating and Editing Integration Jobs article for more details on working with integration jobs.