Hidden pages

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By default, the Admin Console hides a number of pages that are seldom used or require custom development. This is done to enhance usability and increase simplicity. If a particular page is needed, it can quickly be exposed via the Application Dictionary in the Admin Console. Listed below are the pages that have been hidden, as well those that require some level of custom development.

Page Requires Custom
CarrierZone (Zones tab for Carriers)  
CarrierZonePostalCodeRange (Zones tab for Carriers)  
CarrierZoneRate (Zones tab for Carriers)  
Configurations (Product Configurations in old MC aka Advanced Configurator)  
CustomerProducts (Assign Products tab for Customers)  
CustomerProductSet (Assign Product Sets tab for Customers)
CustomerProductSetProduct (Assign Product Sets tab for Customers)
GiftCardTransaction (Gift Card Redemption table within Gift Cards)
ShipCharge (Charges tab for Carriers, Additional Charges tab for Carriers > Services)  
Subscription (Subscription Orders)  

The following screens from the Tools and Reporting pages do not exist in the Admin Console beginning with version 4.2:

  • Batch Processor
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Menu Maintenance
  • Dashboard
  • Analytics