Turn on master editing

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By default, Optimizely Configured Commerce hides a number of fields that are seldom used or require custom development. This is done to improve the user experience and decrease any confusion caused by exposing unnecessary fields. However, if a particular field is needed, it can quickly be exposed via the Enable Master Edit Mode option. This functionality is especially useful when exploring and testing additional functionality, as it allows the ISC_System or ISC_Implementer roles to quickly make changes to a field without having to switch roles or change permissions.

Additionally, developers have the ability to rename existing placeholder fields available on existing Optimizely entities. Some properties exist on those entities that are used for common integrations and are not used by default, out of the box. These fields can be used for other purposes if need be.

Only users with the roles of ISC_System or ISC_Implementer can enable Master Edit Mode.

  1. Go to the Admin Console.
  2. On the Primary Header, click Debug.
  3. Select Enable Master Edit Mode from the menu.

Hidden Fields

Listed below are the fields and where the field is located.

Entity Name Property Name Property Label
carrier carrierZones Carrier Zones
carrier shipCharges Ship Charges
carrier shipRules Ship Rules
category categoryRelatedProducts Category Related Products
category erpProductValues ERP Product Values
category isFeatured Featured
category showDetail Show Detail
category specifications Specifications
category documents Documents
categoryAttributeType detailDisplaySequence Detail Display Sequence
configurationOption comboMultiSelect Multiple Selection Allowed
configurationOption parentId Parent Configuration
configurationOption setAsFutureDefault Default for other configurations
creditCardTransaction cardType Card Type
creditCardTransaction creditCardNumber Masked Card Number
creditCardTransaction expirationDate Card Expiration
customer address4 Address 4
customer allowDropShip Allow Drop Ship
customer bankCode Bank Code
customer carriers Carriers
customer creditHold Credit Hold
customer creditLimit Credit Limit
customer customerProductSets Customer Product Sets
customer defaultCostCode Default Cost Code
customer discountPercent Discount Percent
customer dropShipFeeRequired Drop Ship Fee Required
customer endUserType End User Type
customer fax Fax
customer isDropShip Drop Ship
customer isGuest Guest
customer logoImagePath Logo Image Path
customer parentId Parent
customer shipEarly Ship Early
customer shipPartial Ship Partial
customer shipSite Ship Site
customer taxCode2 Tax Code 2
customer territory Territory
dealer fax Fax
integrationConnection runsOn Runs On
integrationConnection appServerService App Server Service
integrationConnection gatewayService Gateway Service
integrationConnection messageServerService Message Server Service
integrationConnection systemIds System IDs
integrationJob resultData Result Data
jobDefinition lastRunDateTime Last Run Date Time
jobDefinition lastRunJobNumber Last Run Job Number
jobDefinition lastRunStatus Last Run Status
jobDefinition passDataSetToLinkedJob Pass DataSet To Linked Job
jobDefinition passThroughJob Passthrough Job
language alternateLanguages Alternate Languages
product allowAnyGiftCardAmount Allow Any Gift Card Amount
product displayPricePerPiece Display Price Per Piece
product erpDescription ERP Description
product handlingAmountOverride Handling Amount Override
product hasMsds Has MSDS
product isGiftCard Gift Card
product isHazardousGood Hazardous Good
product isSpecialOrder Special Order
product isSubscription Subscription Product?
product minimumOrderQty Minimum Order Qty
product name Name
product priceBasis Price Basis
product productCode Product Code
product qtyPerShippingPackage Qty Per Shipping Package
product shippingAmountOverride Shipping Amount Override
product shippingClassification Shipping Classification
product shippingHeight Shipping Height
product shippingLength Shipping Length
product shippingWidth Shipping Width
product sku SKU
product subscriptionAddToInitialOrder Add To Initial Order
product subscriptionAllMonths Subscription All Months
product subscriptionApril April
product subscriptionAugust August
product subscriptionCyclePeriod Cycle Period
product subscriptionDecember December
product subscriptionFebruary February
product subscriptionFixedPrice Fixed Price
product subscriptionJanuary January
product subscriptionJuly July
product subscriptionJune June
product subscriptionMarch March
product subscriptionMay May
product subscriptionNovember November
product subscriptionOctober October
product subscriptionPeriodsPerCycle Periods Per Cycle
product subscriptionProducts Subscription Products
product subscriptionSeptember September
product subscriptionShipViaId Ship Via
product subscriptionTotalCycles Total Cycles
product unitCost Unit Cost
product unspsc UNSPSC
product upcCode UPC Code
product subscriptionShipVia Subscription Ship Via
product customerProductSets Customer Product Sets
productWarehouse isDiscontinued Is Discontinued
salesperson code Code
salesperson isOutsideRep Outside Rep
salesperson phone2 Phone 2
salesperson referenceNumber Reference Number
salesperson salesClass Sales Class
salesperson salesPeriodToDate Sales Period To Date
salesperson salesYearToDate Sales Year To Date
shipVia shipCharges Ship Charges
specification value Value
taxExemption amount Amount
userProfile extension Extension
userProfile fax Fax
userProfile limitExceededNotification Limit Exceeded Notification
userProfile position Position
vendor ranking Ranking
vendor regularMarkup Regular Markup
vendor saleMarkup Sale Markup
vendor vendorMessage Vendor Message
warehouse shipSite Ship Site
website defaultShipSite Default Ship Site
website mapProductsToCategories Auto Map Products To Categories
website address3 Address 3