Introduction to E-commerce integrations

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This topic gives an overview of e-commerce integrations with Optimizely Campaign. You can synchronize recipient data and import product data directly into your message template, using the power of Optimizely's sending infrastructure. Registration of new recipients and management of your product data are carried out as usual in your e-commerce system. Data is synchronized automatically and imported into your Optimizely Campaign client, making it easy to manage cross- and up-selling offers in mailings, or to design remarketing campaigns with personalized recommendations.

See the E-commerce integration guide for an introduction to working with Optimizely Campaign and e-commerce systems.

Optimizely Commerce

Manage product content and discounts from one user interface, and import catalog content into Optimizely Campaign. With the Campaign-Commerce integration you can import the latest product data into Optimizely Campaign, and access catalog content when adding product recommendations to mailings. See Optimizely platform.

Other e-commerce systems

Integration Magento 1 Magento 2 OXID Shopware Spryker
Recipient management via Optimizely Campaign

Recipient status synchronization

Product data import

Opt-in process via Optimizely Campaign

Unsubscribe management via Optimizely Campaign

Transactional mails via Optimizely Campaign

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