Translation interface

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To enable this feature, contact customer support.

This topic describes the semi-automatic translation interface for Optimizely Campaign that lets you create and send mailings in multiple languages. You select the mailing, source and target language, order the translation and Optimizely Campaign notifies you as soon as the mailing is ready for dispatch in the desired language versions.

How it works

Optimizely Campaign creates an XML file with the content for translation and sends it via email to the translation service provider you specified.

When the translation is ready, Optimizely Campaign generates a new mailing from it in the target language. As soon as all requested language versions are available, the mailing can be sent.


Optimizely customer support sets up the translation interface for you. Provide the following information:

  • Users who are to access the translation interface
  • Email address to which translation orders are to be sent. This can be a translation agency or a colleague from your company.

    You can specify a different email address for each language.

Ordering translations

  1. Open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select More > Mailing-√úbersetzung starten (Start mailing translation).
  2. Under Mailing, select the desired mailing.
  3. Select the source and the target language. Use multiple selection (CTRL + left mouse button) to select multiple target languages.

    You can add a comment to your translation order and specify, for example, whether and how image names and URL addresses are to be translated.

  4. Confirm the order by selecting the check box.
  5. Click √úbersetzung starten (Start translation). Optimizely Campaign sends an email with the content to be translated to the translation agency. The XML file contains information about the source language and the target language.

    Image: XML translation file

  6. The translation service provider sends back an email with the translated texts. The service provider must enter the translations in the XML file sent by Optimizely Campaign and return it to Optimizely Campaign as an email attachment.

    Image: Translated XML translation file

  7. Optimizely Campaign checks the translation for formal correctness and completeness. If errors occur, the process is terminated and an error message is sent to all parties. If the translation is technically correct, the original mailing is copied and all text modules are exchanged for the new texts in the XML file.
  8. The persons in charge specified by you receive a success message and the translated mailing is ready for dispatch.

    If your recipient list contains information about the language of the recipients, you can control the recipients of the respective language version using a recipient data-based target group.