Advanced configuration

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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Shopware.

This topic describes how to individually configure multiple shops, opt-in mailings, language versions, front-end messages, and catalog exports, when using Shopware as e-commerce platform with Optimizely Campaign. Contact customer support for advice regarding the setup of multiple shops with separate clients for transactional mails, and recipient list-based newsletter subscriptions.

Configuring individual opt-in mailings and catalog exports

To configure an individual catalog export or a language version of your shop, you must create a separate feed in Shopware; see Configuring the catalog export. Specify a unique file name for the catalog export, or language version, of your main shop (for example products_fr.csv for French). Do not use the same file name because the individual catalog exports will overwrite each other.

  1. Log in to the back-end of Shopware with administrator rights.
  2. Go to Configuration > Plugin Manager.
  3. Click Installed.
  4. Find the Shopware integration for Optivo broadmail in the Plugin Manager, and click Edit . If you have configured multiple shops, these are displayed in individual tabs under Configuration.
  5. Click the tab of the shop to configure.

    Image: Multiple shops as tabs

  6. Enter the desired settings.
  7. Click Save.

Configuring multiple newsletter subscriptions

By default, the Shopware integration supports registering for one newsletter per email address. If a recipient registers with the same email address for another newsletter, including that of a sub-shop or different language for the shop, no opt-in operation is triggered. Configure recipient groups to allow multiple newsletter subscriptions.

  1. In Shopware, go to Marketing > Newsletter Manager.

    Image: Newsletter Manager menu item

  2. Open the Administration > Recipient groups tab.

    Image: Recipient groups tab

  3. Click Create newsletter group.

    Image: Create newsletter group

  4. Specify a descriptive name for the recipient group, such as Newsletter recipients IT.

    Image: Enter group name

  5. Click OK.
  6. From the ID column, note the ID of the new recipient group.

    Image: Note ID

  7. Go to Configuration > Basic settings.

    Image: Basic Settings menu item

  8. Go to Frontend > Login / registration.

    Image: Login/registration menu item

  9. Open the tab for the sub-shop/language version of the main shop for which to create a recipient group.
  10. In Standard recipient group ID for registered customers (system / newsletter), enter the ID from step 6.

    Image: Enter ID

  11. Click Save.

Adapting front-end messages

To translate or change front-end messages displayed to website visitors, such as when subscribing or unsubscribing, you can modify integration text files. The integration supports localization features in Shopware, and there are several standard texts in German and (British) English that you can modify.

  1. Log in to the back-end of Shopware with administrator rights.
  2. Go to Configuration > Snippets.

    Image: Snippets menu item

  3. Go to Namespaces > frontend > plug-ins > Optivo broadmail. Switch between available messages under the Default / de DE and default / en GB tabs.

    Image: Available messages

  4. Select the message to edit, and click Edit selected snippets. The Edit snippets window opens.

    Image: Edit snippets

  5. Change the message.

    Image: Enter message

  6. If you have other languages in Shopware, the text elements for the other languages are empty. Insert the corresponding translations for these.
  7. Click Save.

Customizing and localizing salutations

You can customize and localize the texts in the Optimizely Campaign recipient list field salutation for individual subshops or language versions of your shop. By default, the German salutations Frau and Herr are transmitted to Optimizely Campaign.

  1. Go to Configuration > Snippets.

    Image: Snippets menu item

  2. Go to Namespaces > backend > plugins > optivo.
  3. Select the tab of the corresponding shop for which you want to change the salutation.

    Image: Select shop tab

  4. Select the salutation to modify, and click Edit selected snippets.
  5. Enter the salutation.

    Image: Enter salutation

  6. Click Save.