Target content by devices

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You may need to enable and disable widgets to adapt content to device types. For example, some content may appear on a desktop but not on a phone. While widgets do not support targeting by device type, you can limit the display of a widget's content by device type.

Enable a language to have device-specific content

You must first enable languages to have device specific content.

  1. Go to Administration > Localization > Languages.
  2. Click Edit for a language.
  3. Set the Has Device Specific Content toggle to Yes in Details.
  4. Click Save.

Select a device type for widget content

  1. Select the page to add targeted content.
  2. Select a device type to preview the content, such as Mobile.
  3. Add a widget containing text or images specific to these device users.
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Select Edit in the row table and choose the desired configuration, or proceed to the next step.
    3. Click Add Widget within a cell.
    4. Search for or select a widget.
    5. Add content. You can review the Work with Widgets in Spire article to learn more.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Test the results by toggling between device types.

Hide widget content

This example disables the Rich Content widget for mobile devices.

  1. Choose Mobile.
  2. Click the widget Edit button.
  3. Clear the content, and type a space in the text editor.
  4. Adding the space is necessary, as the WYSIWYG editor requires content in the text area.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. Approve by clicking Publish again.
  8. Click Edit to hide the page editing options.
  9. Test the results by toggling between device types.