Add attribute values to a product

  • Updated

After assigning Attributes to Categories, assign Attribute Values to their respective Products within the Category.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Products.
  2. Select Edit  for the desired Product.
  3. Select the Attributes finger tab.
  4. Select Assign Attributes Values.
  5. Select the desired Attribute Values, or filter the options using the drop-down lists at the top of the screen. Choose to show Active or Archived Attribute Values.

  6. Then select an Attribute Type from the drop-down to narrow the options.

  7. If a value is missing from the list, select Add Value to add a new Attribute Value to the currently selected Attribute Type. Click Save and Assign to save the value and add it to the current product.
  8. After selecting a value from the list, click Assign, then click Done.