Manage attributes

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Filter products within Optimizely Configured Commerce using attribute management. Set attributes and attribute values for each product to allow users to filter categories while browsing, or filter results while searching. For example, create an attribute called "Color," and attribute values like "Red," "Blue," and "Green." Assign the attribute to a category, and the attribute values to products within that category. Then, when a user goes to the category, they can select an attribute value to narrow down the products displayed on the product list page.

For Attributes to work properly, a series of steps needs to be completed:

  1. Create the Attribute
  2. Create Attribute Values
  3. Assign Attributes to Categories (this must be done before assigning the Attribute Values to their respective Products).
  4. Assign Attribute Values to Products
  5. Using Attributes for Advanced Filtering

Modify attribute display settings

For organizations with multiple attributes applied to each product, it may work best to display attributes in specification-like tabs rather than scrollable lists.

To display attributes in tab view, consider the following website-specific Settings:

  • Website Specific Attributes: If YES, this is limited to attribute types assigned to categories that are assigned to the website. If NO, then all attributes assigned to products display regardless of category assignments.
  • Display Attributes in Tabs: If YES, all attributes assigned to the product display in a tab on the product detail page, similar to those for product specifications. The top five attributes display by their category/attribute type sort order (not attribute value sort order) across all categories to which the product is assigned. If multiple attributes have the same sort order, they display alphabetically by attribute type label. If NO, attributes display below the product availability and pricing information. If there are no attributes assigned to the product, the attribute tab is hidden.
  • Attributes Tab Sort Order:If Display First is selected, the tab appears before any specifications tabs assigned to the product. If Display Last is selected, the tab appears after any specification tabs are selected.
    If Document Tab Sort Order and Attributes Tab Sort Order settings are both set to Display First, the Attributes tab displays before the Documents tab.
Display Attributes in Tabs = OFF Display Attributes in Tabs = ON