Email app preview

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The email app preview lets you check your email as seen by the recipients before sending. Optimizely works with an external service provider to create email app previews.

To create or view an email app preview, open the Optimizely Campaign menu bar and select Analytics > Email App Preview.

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Creating an email app preview

(Only use test lists and no real customer data. See also Recipient lists.)

Context: Email app previews have additional costs. For more information, contact customer support.
Prerequisites: You see the page Email App Preview. A test recipient list is available (see Recipient lists).

  1. Click Create….
  2. In the Select Mailing drop-down list, select the message draft for which you want to create an email app preview.
  3. In the Select Test Recipient drop-down list, select a recipient list.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the email app preview.
  5. Click Create.

    The analysis and creation of the email app preview may take several minutes.

  6. Click Close.

Viewing an email app preview

Prerequisites: You see the page Email App Preview.

  1. Optional: To quickly find a specific preview, enter a search term in the field Filter results (e.g. "iPad" or "Gmail").
  2. In the Select Preview drop-down list, click on a preview tile.

The results may not display immediately. In the Select Preview drop-down list, you can check the progress of each analysis under Status.

About the preview

The preview shows how your message will be displayed by the most popular email providers and browsers. For some providers, you can change the format from Portrait to Landscape. Click the desired format in the upper left.