Displaying and downloading reports

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  1. In the Report Templates area, select a report template. The area Executed Reports displays reports that have been executed from the selected template.

    To display a report that is not executed from a template, click Not assigned to a template in the Report Templates area.

    Image: Deep Analytics report templates and executed reports

  2. In the Executed Reports area:
    • To display the report as a pivot table, click Show as Pivot Table. See Aggregating data with pivot tables.
    • To display the report in a standard HTML table without formatting, select a report and click Show as Table.
    • To download the report as a chart using Microsoft Excel, click Download as Excel File.

      The Excel format provides many possible ways of reporting and displaying data. You may use your own Excel template or the Optimizely default template to create analyses and display data in charts or pivot tables. To learn more, see Data evaluation using Microsoft Excel.

    • To download the report in a CSV file, click Download as CSV File. See also: Opening CSV files in Microsoft Excel.