Step 3. Adjusting layout settings and content

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Depending on the selected message type, you can adjust the layout and add content elements.

Message type Description
E-Mail See Edit mailing content. If you are using the Template Kit, see Template Kit.
SMS In SMS messages, you can only send text-only messages. Enter the text in the Content box. See SMS.
Mobile Push With Mobile Push, you can send messages to mobile devices and trigger predefined actions. Enter the text in the Content box and optionally upload an image. See Mobile Push.
Web Push With Web Push, you can send text messages that appear in the recipient's web browser. Enter the text in the Content box, and optionally upload an image and an icon. See Web Push.
Print You can only insert content into print mailings using a template. Optimizely Campaign provides default templates for the following formats: Letter DIN A4, Postcard DIN A6 and Postcard DIN lang. See Editing print message content.