Create a product set

  • Updated

You can group products that you want to promote or sell in Optimizely Email Product Recommendations and use product sets in expressions. To create a product set:

  1. Go to Configuration > Email Product Recommendations > Product Sets.
  2. Click Create a product set.
  3. Enter a name for the product set, such as Holiday Sale.
  4. Add products to a set in the following ways:
    • Enter the refCode or the product's whole or partial name (such as jacket) in the Products field. A list of results display. Click a product (like screwdriver) to add it; hover on it to see the product description.
    • Enter space in the Products field and available products display for you to select by clicking each product.

    • Drag and drop a CSV file (or click and select the file) in the Upload a CSV file space.
    A product set can contain up to 200 products.
  5. Click Save product set. Your product set appears in the list, where you can edit, delete, and copy the sets.

    Image: Product set list