Create a product set

  • Updated

You can group products that you want to promote or sell in Optimizely Email Product Recommendations, and you can use product sets in expressions. To create a product set:

  1. Go to Configuration > Email Product Recommendations > Product Sets.
  2. Click Create a product set.
  3. Enter a name for the product set, such as Holiday Sale.
  4. Add products to a set in the following ways:
    • Enter the refCode, or the whole or partial name (such as jacket) of a product in the Products field. A list of results appear. Click a product (like screwdriver) to add it; hover on it to see the product description.
    • Enter space in the Products field and available products appear for you to select by clicking each product.


    • Drag and drop a CSV file (or click and select the file) in the Upload a CSV file space.
    A product set can contain up to 200 products.
  5. Click Save product set. Your new product set appears in the list, where you can edit, delete, and copy the sets.

    Image: Product set list