Create search term redirects

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Search term redirects

Search term redirects are different from HTML redirects, which maps old website pages to an equivalent page on the new site. Search term redirects put users on a specific page with products or content relevant to a common search term.

Use these steps to create a search term redirect:

  1. Go to Admin Console > MarketingSearch > Redirects.
  2. Click Add Search Term Redirect.
  3. Enter the Term that would be in the search query (this can be more than one word).
  4. Provide the Redirect URL (this can be either an internal or external URL).
  5. Determine whether to apply this redirect to all websites or a specific website.
  6. Choose an Activate On date and/or a Deactivate On date, if desired. Otherwise, the redirect starts immediately and continues indefinitely until you delete the redirect or edit the dates later.

As the list of search term redirects grows, you can sort the records quickly based on any of the column titles, filter the list using the search filter, or display/hide items that have been archived.