Real-time calls if ERP API server is down

  • Updated

In the event the ERP API server is down (such as pricing or inventory availability) and you use real-time calls on your site, customers are still able to use Add to Cart functionality throughout the site, but are unable to check out.

Specifically, the following functionality is available during this scenario:

  • Home page and general content navigation
  • Signing into the site and selecting a customer
  • Registration
  • Search (auto-complete and regular search)
  • Product list page
  • Product detail page
  • Order history
  • Invoice history
  • If A/R is in place and the service is down, desire to hide the Aging information
  • Orders are able to be saved if cart already in place, but not checked out
  • Add to List
  • Add List to Cart 
  • Quick Order 
  • Saved order recall to cart