Recipient and billing data

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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Magento 1.

If you are using Magento 1 as e-commerce platform, you can integrate the system with Optimizely Campaign. The following recipient data is provided by Magento and, using a transactional mail template, can be sent to Optimizely Campaign. When configuring the template, the variables from Magento are each assigned to a recipient list field in Optimizely Campaign. If you want to transfer variables that do not have a corresponding field in your transactional recipient list, contact customer support.

Field name Date type
entity_id Integer
parent_id Integer
customer_address_id Integer
quote_address_id Integer
region_id Integer
customer_id Integer
region String
postcode String
lastname String
street String
city String
email String
telephone String
country_id String
firstname String
address_type String
prefix String
middlename String
suffix String
company String
vat_id String
vat_is_valid Boolean
vat_request_id Integer
vat_request_date String
vat_request_success Boolean
giftregistry_item_id Integer
country String
salutation String